When buying electric cars, what do you pay attention to?

2019-12-24 14:34 yuan
When buying electric cars, what do you pay attention to?
Some people pay more attention to the appearance, some people pay more attention to the configuration, but almost everyone will pay attention to and carefully select the energy source of electric vehicles - batteries. However, the battery is important, but also very "fragile". If it is not used properly, the battery life will be shortened if it is light, and the battery will be directly discarded if it is heavy!
In order to extend the life of the battery and ensure the safety of charging and using electricity, we need to introduce some tips for using and maintaining the battery today. Learn these skills, and the battery will last for another 2 years.
The first move: put it away and recharge it frequently
The computer or mobile phone is not used for a long time, but also needs to be taken out from time to time to charge, so does the electric vehicle. Because when the power is off, there are still some parts on the electric vehicle in working state (such as alarm). Therefore, even if the electric vehicle is not in use, the power will slowly decrease.
Once the power is used up and the battery is in a state of power loss, the battery will be easily sulfated, resulting in a permanent decrease in capacity. And the longer the idle time, the more serious the battery damage.
Therefore, when the electric vehicle is idle, it should be charged regularly (once a month is recommended in winter) to ensure that the battery is in a healthy state.
The second move: ride gently and the battery is more durable
When the electric vehicle load is large, the battery will release large current in an instant. At this time, the battery is easy to produce lead sulfate crystal, which will damage the performance of the plate and affect the battery's charging and discharging ability.
In daily cycling, the following three points can effectively protect the battery:
1. First, we should try to avoid overloading;
2. Secondly, check the power before going out to avoid the deep battery power loss caused by the lack of half way power;
3. Finally, when the electric bicycle starts and goes uphill, it can use pedals to help, and try to avoid the instantaneous large current discharge.
The third way: pay attention to the charging environment, timing and duration
1. Charging environment
The best charging temperature is about 25 ℃, but it can not be satisfied in most cases. In real life, it should be charged in a dry, ventilated environment without direct sunlight.
In addition to paying attention to the environment, you should also check the temperature of the battery frequently. If you find that the temperature on the battery surface is abnormal during charging, you should disconnect the power supply immediately, and contact professional personnel in time to solve the problem, so as to eliminate the potential safety hazard.
2. Charging time
Generally speaking, 20% - 30% of the remaining electricity is the most suitable for charging. But in actual use, we can also be flexible, according to their own use needs.
It should be noted that the battery life should not be shortened due to "deep discharge" in case of recharging after the electricity is used up.
3. Charging time
Generally, it takes about 8 hours for the battery to be fully charged, and the power supply should be unplugged in time after being fully charged. Too long charging time will not only damage the battery, but also cause safety accidents.
When consumers choose chargers, they should try to choose chargers with overcharge protection function. The 6-generation, 6CS and 7-generation chargers of green source are equipped with overcharge protection function. When the battery is full, the current at the output terminal will be disconnected. Green source's intelligent fast charging will directly disconnect the power supply of the charger, so as to completely cut off the power supply and eliminate potential safety hazards.
The fourth move: select the right battery and get twice the result with half the effort
The use and maintenance skills of so many batteries are far less effective than choosing a group of batteries with good quality and long service life.
The green source high-energy battery, known for its large capacity, can improve the battery capacity by two means, so that the vehicle can run further:
1. The internal space of the original battery is effectively utilized, and the space utilization rate is increased from 95% to 100%;
2. At the same time, the proportion of electrolyte increases year-on-year, so that the capacity can also increase year-on-year.
Therefore, in the same volume, high-energy batteries can run 20 miles more than ordinary batteries. If you need, you can go to stores around the consultation and purchase high-energy batteries.