Lead the trend and create the pattern

2019-12-31 14:13 yuan
At the end of the year, the bell is about to ring. In 2019, enroute has created numerous surprises and made remarkable achievements in the whole electric vehicle industry! Let's review it together!
At the beginning of the new year, Tu won four awards
At the beginning of the new year, at the "2019 small electric vehicle industry summit and the fourth annual award ceremony of small electric vehicles" in Jinan, Antu, with its strong brand influence and product strength, won four awards. The king's strength is invincible.
March 7, Jinan exhibition, new product release of entu spring
On March 7, a grand meeting of new energy electric vehicle industry was held in Jinan. With 3 family products and 4 new products, Antu made a high-profile appearance in Jinan exhibition, showing the demeanor of leader of micro electric car once again.
On the evening of March 7, the third anniversary of "wonderful three years of innovation and the future" Antu automobile and the new product launch conference in spring 2019 were held in Zhixuan holiday hotel. Leaders of the company, more than 300 dealers and friends from more than 10 industry media attended the conference. The scene of signing on the spot was so hot that it finally won the amazing results of 5632 sets!
Marketing meeting of "opening up Xinjiang and expanding the way", with frequent reports
Starting from May, the series of marketing summits of Antu automobile "opening up Xinjiang and opening up road" have been held successively, ranging from Taierzhuang, the red education base, to Chengdu, the land of abundance, to Kaifeng, the ancient capital of the 11th Dynasty, to Changsha, the Star City, and Kunming, Yunnan Can see the figure of en Tu. We use our strength and efforts to defend the position of the leader of Antu micro electric car.
In July, China micro electric car "1" conference was held in Qingdao
In July, the "No.1" meeting of China's micro electric car held by Antu company in Qingdao was a complete success, with nearly 6000 on-site orders signed and 100 channels successfully developed, which has become the best performance of new product release in the current industry. The success of "No.1" conference fully demonstrated the hard core strength of ente.
In August, attracting new products and appearing in Jinan Exhibition
On August 23, at the 14th China Jinan new energy automobile exhibition, Antu, as the leading brand of China's micro electric car, appeared with its new family product "journey" series, and launched the latest technical achievements. On the first day of the exhibition, the number of on-site orders exceeded 2000 and the total number of signed orders was nearly 5000.
In October, the new model of enroute ignited Nanjing Exhibition
On October 25, the year-end drama - Nanjing exhibition opened in a grand way. At the exhibition, Antu exhibited the best-selling models such as x9 and K10, as well as the brand-new models such as X6, ZhengTu 1, ZhengTu 2 and ZhengTu 3. Once they appeared, they exploded the market, attracted widespread attention and favor from dealers all over the country, and on-site dealers signed orders and made reservations.
30 million yuan will be invested in technology research and development in 2019
At the time of industry downturn, Antu still adheres to the innovation route and continuously inputs fresh blood to the industry. In 2019, Antu invested more than 30 million yuan in R & D expenses and created a number of new independent R & D products.
2020, create trends and lead the pattern
In 2019, Antu took the lead in the micro electric car industry in adversity, with a total sales of nearly 50000 sets. Together with a group of excellent dealers and suppliers, it continued to create new sales peaks and once again reached the top of the micro electric car industry. Antu's strategic goal in 2020: to ensure the production and sales of 80000 units and challenge 100000 units.
Quality determines sales volume and sales volume determines trend. In 2020, Antu will continue to implement the high-quality development concept of "quality first, innovation first", grasp the pain point, seek the long term, and increase the investment to develop new models. Upgrade from details and configuration, improve product performance, seek product differentiation, improve intelligent service, create more intelligent, fashionable and safe products, and bring more satisfactory car use experience to users!