European emperor's three rounds of strong impact on the top

2020-01-03 14:53 yuan
As the ancients said, if you don't fly, you will fly to the sky; if you don't sing, you will be astonished. As a leading brand in the three industries of electric power, the third round of EU Huangzhong has made full efforts after many years of dormancy, and performed a rare increment miracle in the industry at the end of 2019. According to statistics. In December, the company achieved a year-on-year growth of more than 80% in sales volume and added 80 channel customers. After the industry officially entered 2020, the growth trend of the company has been unstoppable.
Behind the brilliant data is the deep cultivation of the team and channel of the European emperor in product, marketing and service. Especially in product differentiation (heavy three rounds, catalog products), marketing differentiation (new strange promotion team), service differentiation (all-weather service mode), it has become a model of the three industries. In 2020, the third round of the European emperor's heavy industry has once again shown its trump card. The two major market layouts are directly directed at the consumer market, which has a great potential to be filled with wind and rain.
Hot: new strange promotion plus code, EU emperor's triple detonating terminal
One of the key words of the three industries in 2019 is the channel sinking. In the face of the vast township market, how does the high brand sink? Within the year, the European Emperor gave up a satisfactory answer sheet. In 2019, the marketing team led by the promotion of new unique products of the European emperor will travel all over the world. This creative promotion mode quickly attracted the end consumers to pay attention to the brand of the European emperor. In this era when the wine is also afraid of deep alleys, the terminal flow attracted by the European emperor is the Qian Shu for the merchants to make money!
It is not just talk about the terminal of ouhuangfu. According to Lao Yang, in 2020, new members of ostrich will be added to Xinqi's promotion, 200 ostriches and 400 peacocks will be added, 400 circus performances will be signed, and terminal sales will be strongly boosted. It's necessary to say that the terminal dealers of the European emperor are already happy. The circus performance made by the European emperor has entered the terminal activity site, laying a mass foundation for the brand of the European emperor to enter thousands of households, and has been highly recognized by the dealers' families all over the country.
By signing a contract with the circus, on the one hand, it will offer excellent performances for consumers, on the other hand, it will strengthen the brand influence of the emperor. In the hot nationwide activities, many consumers test drive in person to experience the quality of the three genuine gold products of the European emperor, greatly improving the desire to buy products! For businesses, the high popularity brings potential customers for businesses and is an effective means to increase sales. As far as the emperor is concerned, he has not only reaped the hot sales achievements, improved the brand awareness, but also widened the terminal sales network. It is a stone and three birds, and everyone is happy!
In 2019, the innovation of terminal marketing represented by the new strange promotion of the emperor of Europe once again provided the industry with a "textbook" terminal marketing case!
Solid: 27 million major upgrades, benchmarking the industry's top manufacturing level
Since its establishment, Jiangsu ohuang electric technology has been insisting on technological innovation to lead the industrial development, forming the development trend of original model, high-end quality and leading technology. In 2020, the European emperor once again consolidated its leading advantages, and under the support of the first-class motorcycle qualification, strategic funds were fully invested in new technology research and development.
In terms of scientific and technological innovation, the innovation black technology of the European emperor has been exposed. In order to meet the power requirements of mountain areas, the latest research and development achievements can increase the vehicle's endurance by more than 30% and power by more than 35%. At the same time, the European emperor, who regards quality as life, continues to increase investment in the construction of new factory buildings, the comprehensive upgrading of intelligent and automatic production, the further improvement of manufacturing standards and the improvement of technical level, and makes every effort to create the three high-end electric products welcomed by consumers.
According to Lao Yang, the innovation and technological achievements of the European emperor's technology blooming everywhere are not accidental. Only the early investment in 2020 will be 27 million, of which 15 million will start the construction of the second phase plant to ensure that the production capacity of the European emperor will reach 350000 units in 2020 and comprehensively guarantee the product supply of the increasingly hot consumer market. In addition, the company will upgrade 12 million production equipment, which does not include hidden costs such as research and development. It can be said that in 2020, the three rounds of the European emperor have made an all-round gesture, and channel dealers and market consumers will be the biggest beneficiaries!
From the perspective of industry onlookers, the strategic layout of the three rounds of the European emperor is like a unique master's move, seemingly motionless, but the key point of the move is not muddled. The so-called good steel is used on the cutting edge. The terminal marketing, high production capacity and continuous development of new technology of the European emperor's grounding are all three inches of the market. Such a European emperor really makes peers "scared" and partners "happy"!
With the continuous expansion of the market scale, Jiangsu ohuang electric technology has paid a lot of money to hire regional managers for the whole industry. People who are ambitious to do great things and earn a lot of money can contact the official of the ohuang.