How to become a leading brand of mini car?

2019-12-23 13:58 yuan
Dongwei new energy has always been the leader in small and micro plastic vehicle enterprises
Once owned nearly 60% of the global market share
What does Dongwei new energy rely on to become the industry leader
1: High specifications and standards
The electric vehicle market has long been in an era of mixed advantages and disadvantages, low price and convenience are doomed to its wide market. As a result, some unscrupulous businesses began to produce some inferior products in the market, without any safety and quality assurance. With the implementation of the new national standard policy, this situation has improved. Dongwei new energy has been strictly standardized in production, and each new car has gone through 9 strict testing procedures and several safety testing procedures before leaving the factory, so as to fully guarantee the safety of users. It is also one of the first batch of enterprises to pass the national 3C certification.
2: Independent industrial chain
In the electric vehicle market, a large number of enterprises do not have perfect production lines, most parts need to be manufactured by "third-party manufacturers". Their products are greatly restricted by "third-party manufacturers" with uneven quality, and there is a possibility of "cutting corners".
Dongwei new energy Co., Ltd. has a complete core industrial chain, which realizes independent production from paint baking, electrophoresis, plastic parts, frame and other processes, so that the vehicle has sufficient quality assurance. Driving such a car is safe and practical!
3: Talent guarantee
Relying on Lima group, Dongwei new energy can move and communicate with each other in the light and peak seasons, ensuring the sufficient productivity of the personnel in the peak seasons. At the same time, a large number of production technicians with high-tech experience have been trained to ensure the quality of each vehicle is excellent, which greatly reduces the possibility of brain drain and helps to cultivate elite teams.
Every day, thousands of Dongwei new energy vehicles are assembled from factories and transported to all parts of the country
In conclusion, the reason why Dongwei new energy can quickly occupy the market and win word-of-mouth is nothing more than to make every effort to ensure the quality and focus on building a good car. With the spirit of ingenuity as the company's main purpose of operation, do our best to be better! In the constantly changing market environment, we will win the recognition and favor of consumers!