A tour around Erhai Lake

2019-12-25 14:11 yuan
Literary and art youth come to Erhai sea with their dreams in mind
Hello! Bye!
This kind of story is going on every day
2019 is an important turning point for me, and also the most confused year. For various reasons, I quit my original job. People are really strange creatures. If I stay in a familiar environment for a long time, I will become cautious but afraid of change. It seems to be a necessary choice to start a journey. In my memory, this is the third time I came to Erhai Lake. I met with Erhai Lake several times. I was always pleasantly surprised and wanted to write a travel story about it.
Before I came here, I had planned to travel alone to end my life, but my best friend took the annual leave again, so I couldn't plan other places. I said Erhai, she said, let's go!
Erhai Lake must be surrounded when you come to Erhai Lake, and the electric car will be the choice of most people, because the scenery is everywhere on the Erhai sea, and some places can't even be named. The best way to visit is to walk and stop. This time, we will ride the blue tone B1 of this beautiful Senlan new energy motorcycle and take a ride around the lake on Erhai East Road.
The car is borrowed from the owner of the hotel. Because the owner also does the work of taking photos at the inn, there are always all kinds of good-looking things. Because the beauty is too high, it's super suitable for taking photos. The bright Retro Orange matches the bright sunshine of Erhai Lake very well. According to the owner, the car's endurance is OK. If there is no electricity, the car rental shops around the lake can be charged, which is also convenient I don't plan to rent a car. The boss is also nice. He told us to take good care of the car and not knock it down.
Navigation starts, ready to start. Let's talk about the ride in B1 blues.
This time, I plan to ride along the East Road, which is Jinsuo Island - Huanhai East Road - Huanhai road - Windmill mountain.
Erhai Lake is not a sea, but it has a unique beauty. The sparkling water is very quiet. Every place on the East Road around the sea is a landscape, and every place can take beautiful pictures.
I've been to Dali twice, but I'm sorry that I haven't seen the island I want to see. When the island surrounded by Erhai Lake comes into view, I can't think of anything but enjoying the moment.
This time, we will focus on the windmill mountain, meadows, huge windmills and flocks of cattle and sheep. Even though we can reach the clouds, the scenery is worth it.
Alpine meadows have foreign customs.
There's a windmill on the top of my head, and there's wood, and there's little fresh feet
Stone road, winding and rugged, strong sense of extension
There are herds of cattle and sheep grazing in the mountains, with a full sense of picture
It's said that cattle and sheep belong to the villagers at the foot of the mountain. Every morning, they will drive them to graze here. When the sun sets, they will drive them home. The quiet life never eats fireworks.
Riding on the Shizi road of windmill mountain, I don't feel the car bumpy. Coming down from the mountain, the day's riding has also drawn a complete end. The short trip has also become a happy time for me and my friends to get together. I never thought that my classmates in middle school can count the old times together on the windmill mountain.
When traveling, listen to your own voice, and he will tell you that the world is wider than you think. A simple ride, but also to their 2019 draw a satisfactory ending
Special thanks to Zongshen Senlan new energy motorcycle in B1 blues, Panzi in Dali Guian Seaview Inn, and Su Su.