Is it harmful to human body to drive pure electric vehicle f

2019-12-26 14:34 yuan
With the development of the new energy market, pure electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, especially the domestic Tesla Model 3 and the large number of new cars delivered by independent brands such as Weilai and ideal, which also bring electric vehicles. However, whenever something new appears, some negative news will spread. Some news is based on some facts, but there are also some nonsense. Among them, pure trams radiate the human body.
Does pure tram really radiate human body
Recently, in the forum of electric vehicles such as model 3, there was a saying that "electric vehicles radiate to the human body, and it is easy to lose leg hair when driving electric vehicles for a long time". Fortunately, most people are rational, and the most wonderful reply is "gasoline cars do more harm to people. I have been driving for ten years, and my hair is all white." Obviously, the latter sentence is joking to everyone, but why is the former sentence taken seriously?
When new things appear, most people's first reaction is not to accept, but to refuse instinctively. This is beyond reproach. After all, resistance to strangers is human nature. But we should not use some of our own imagination to criticize the new things.
Take the radiation of electric vehicles for example. Yes, electric vehicles have radiation. This argument can stand scrutiny, because almost everything in our daily life has radiation. Radiation is not terrible. What's terrible is that the dose of radiation exceeds the safe range. If it's within the safe range, radiation is no problem. The safety standard of electromagnetic radiation electromagnetic field of the United Nations International Health Organization has a clear stipulation: the safety standard of electric field radiation is 5000v / m, the safety standard of magnetic field radiation is 100 μ T, and the environmental evaluation standard of our country also sets the limit value as 100 μ T, that is to say, the radiation lower than 100 μ t is safe for human body.
What is the concept of this number? At present, the measured radiation value of the vast majority of electric vehicles is less than 10 μ T, that is to say, even less than one tenth of the standard, the impact on the human body is almost negligible, the radiation level is even lower than our daily use of mobile phones, so we do not need to worry about the radiation of electric vehicles at all.
If it's not very sensitive to data, we can also say from a reasonable point of view, many people say that the large screen in the Tesla car also radiates to the human body, but in fact, no matter how big the screen is, the TV is not as big as the display of the desktop computer. Why do you think that the mobile computer and TV are safe, and the large screen in the car has radiation? Besides, if the electric car really has the effect of removing leg hair, you may not need to say that there are many girls who love beauty will tend to focus on it. After all, drag leg hair is such a troublesome thing as just sitting in a car for a while, which is not beautiful for girls who love beauty.
Does long-term driving of electric vehicle harm human body
From the current performance of electric vehicles, driving electric vehicles for a long time is almost the same as driving traditional fuel vehicles for a long time, which will cause certain damage to the waist and little substantive impact in other places. Of course, if Tesla's electric car is driven for a long time, it will do a little damage to the driver, that is, it will no longer be used to driving a fuel vehicle, which is undoubtedly an "irreversible injury" to the driver who used to be a fan of fuel vehicles.